A new documentary about legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday is now in post-production.

Indie music label group Concord has announced it is partnering with James Erskine’s Billie documentary to help produce the film.

Concord holds the rights to Holiday’s estate following her death.

The new doc follows the life of Holiday, with music, recordings, and archived footage provided by Concord.

The documentary is being produced by New Black Films’ Victoria Gregory and Barry Clark-Ewers, along with Laure Vaysse. From the Concord side of production, Scott Pascucci and Sophia Dilley are executive producers.

Billie is currently in post-production and will receive help from a Brazilian colorization artist to bring some of the old filmed clips into color.  Most archived footage of Holiday is only in black and white, so this will mark the first time the footage will be seen in color.

Holiday is one of the most legendary jazz singers and was thought by many to be ahead of her time.

The documentary follows the account produced by Linda Lipnack in 1971, who wrote Holiday’s definitive biography.

Lipnack spent eight years gathering 200 recorded interviews with people who knew Holiday personally.

Lipnack’s tapes included testimony from several prominent figures in Holiday’s life.  Those figures included Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughan, lawyers, pushers, pimps, and even the FBI agents who arrested her.

Lipnack never finished her book, and these recordings have never been released publicly.

Director James Erskine describes the documentary as a film noir designed to capture the complexity of Holiday’s life.

“Billie’s soul and voice sang for all generations and Marina’s unique and brilliant skills will bring her vibrantly to life for the first time in history.”

Concord representatives say they take Holiday’s legacy very seriously and are looking forward to bringing attention to her works to modern audiences.

Altitude Film Sales will handle the international rights and distribution for several countries outside the US.