Eventbrite is building some serious Spanish digs.

Ticketing and event heavyweight Eventbrite has announced the construction of a major ‘development center’ in Madrid, Spain.   The grand edifice will include a full-blown venue, among other major perks.

For those in the area, the mega-plex will be housed at 101 Paseo de la Habana.

Eventbrite offers a massive ticketing and event technology platform.  The name was first associated with smaller, DIY events and ticketing, though that profile has expanded considerably over the past few years.  The latest expansion is certainly being noticed in Europe, though it’s difficult to project what this means for mega-players like Live Nation/Ticketmaster.

Eventbrite currently employs rough 80 people in Spain, and now aims to substantially increase that number.  In total, Eventbrite has plans to triple its current employee base in Spain over the next few years, particularly across engineering and product development.

The move comes on the heels of a major acquisition.  Eventbrite recently bought the Spanish company Ticketea, and will be incorporating aspects of that company into its 24,000 square foot center.

The center is slated to open by May of this year.

This will be Eventbrite’s fourth business in the area, though this is easily the most expansive.  Aside from a sizable venue, the development center will also include offices, a cafeteria, flexible workspaces, and relaxation areas for their employees.  Eventbrite will also offer amenities such as maternity rooms, free lunches, and family planning support.

“This new office isn’t just a new physical space for us,” relayed Javier Andrés, Eventbrite’s Country Director for Spain and Portugal.  “It will be the embodiment of Eventbrite’s thriving global culture, and we aim to make being here the closest thing to working in San Francisco – with a uniquely Spanish twist.”

In its announcement, Eventbrite indicated that it plans to expand globally to better facilitate live performances throughout the world.   “As a global company, we have invested heavily in a distributed model when it comes to our technical teams,” said Pat Poels, Senior Vice President of Platform at Eventbrite.