Lydia Loveless in 2014 (photo: Vivian HW Wang CC 2.0)

Lydia Loveless in 2014 (photo: Vivian HW Wang CC 2.0)

Bloodshot Records has publicly responded to sexual allegations made last weekend by one of its artists, Lydia Loveless.

In a statement issued on February 18th, co-president Nan Warshaw offered an apology for any discomfort and awkwardness caused by her romantic partner Mark Panick in his interactions with Loveless.  Among other genres, the label produces alternative country music, and Panick is not an employee.

In an Instagram post, Loveless alleged that during a party in 2015, Panick placed his hand between her buttocks and told her that her messy hair reminded him of high school girls after they had given him oral sex.  He also stalked her on Facebook and left numerous comments on her page.

Lydia Loveless had initially posted an angry tweet about the party incident that led to her more in-depth explanation on Instagram.

Nan Warshaw apologized to Loveless on behalf of Bloodshot Records, stating that sexual harassment was intolerable and no one should have to deal with it.

She added that Panick was her life partner and did not work for the label.  She concluded by saying that she did not want her personal issues creating a distraction for the staff and artists at Bloodshot, and that she would step away for the time being.

Co-owner Rob Miller issued his own statement, saying that he felt ashamed and humiliated about Loveless’ experience, but since Panick was not an employee, he could not fire him or take any other action.  Miller added that nothing like this would ever happen again.

Loveless responded to both Warshaw and Miller by stating that the label did not take sufficient action to stop Panick’s behavior and instead focused on preserving its image.  She also said that she was not the only one who experienced Panick’s predatory behavior.

Lydia Loveless has released both an LP, “Real,” in 2016 as well as an EP titled “Boy Crazy and Single(s)” in 2017 through Bloodshot Records.